I was at the grand -final of the 2012 soccer game, all I could here was the croud was cheering/ well roaring . It was so loud up in the audience, I couldn’t talk it  any more. But thats is a soccer game, But not just any soccer game the grand final. The game was nearly over, the scores were level. But shortly after that the Brisbane roars scored another goal, the croud were cheering while bell to signal the mach over went.But Perth glory were devastated.

I wanted to change the theme I normally write  in and also make the story really exciting.

please watch its an amassing game:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rniszEh2Iwg


One earthquake hits the island of Haiti. An estimated 250,000 people are killed and many more injured. A month later another earthquake, 500 times more powerful, hits the country of Chile, on the South American coast. But despite the severity of the quake, it looks as though the toll from this disaster may only reach as high as 500.  I understand that it would be hard if you were a really poor country and had a huge earthquake. and also that so many places in the world experience earthquakes. I wonder if this was the biggest earthquake Haiti or Chile ever had?

100wc week#1 “I wont ever forget about you!”

It was a freezing cold day, there was purple coloured ice covering the ground. But I can’t hear a sound.

I slowly started to look up at a tree and a Frightened looking bird flew up,up and away.He slowly reached the bright sunshine. then again I could still say I was having a good time. The best part was I could still hear my dads old wind chime. But at leased I’m standing in the spot were my dad spoke his last words to me “I love you son” and then I quickly replied “I wont ever forget about you!”


The Australian Institute of Sport estimates there are as many as 100,000 sports-related concussions in Australia each year. And it says the number of people admitted to hospital for them has risen by about 60 per cent just in the past decade!  your brain actually sits in liquid inside your skull, so it floats and can move around. If it collides with something the brain can move enough to bounce against the skull. That impact can leave the brain bruised or even make small tears in the nerves. That’s why people with a concussion are left feeling dizzy, confused, sick or with blurry vision. I understand that you have to be really careful when you’re playing sport, it can help if you wear Wearing protective gear. I wonder how many kids normally get head concision a year? 

Term 2 Science Unit Reflection

This term we have been learning about the three states of matter (liquid, solid and gas.) This week we conducted our own experiment the year six’s had to base there experiment on ,Changes to materials can be reversible, such as melting, freezing, evaporating; or irreversible,reversible  such as burning and rusting.

sublimation is solid to the gas. condensation is gas to a liquid. evaporation is liquid to gas. I understand that a prediction is a really important part of the procedural text. and its also really important to have an aim to guide  you along the experiment. I wonder what would happen if you didn’t have an aim or a prediction?

The most important thing I have learnt would have to be learning how to conduct our own experiment and writing it up in a procedural text, I learnt this when me and my partner had to conduct a science experiment and convert it to an procedure text. I’m going to use these skills in high school when we have to conduct our our experiment    


Science Reflection

This term we have been learning about sciance, mostly the three states of matter(with is Gas,liquid and solid)  This week we conducted our own experiment, our experiment was mixing bicarb soda, vinegar and oil together. aChanges to materials can be reversible, such as melting, freezing, evaporating; or irreversible, such as burning and rusting

Aim: To identify the effect of oil, vinegar and bicarb soda combined in an open bottle.

Hypothesis and prediction: We think there will be a chemical reaction but the oil will do nothing to the experiment.

If you would wish do read our procerdure text click here




.Shanice’s observation- When we poured the ingredients in, it started fizzing up around half the bottle. The fizzing went down and it un-combined, it did nothing. After we started swishing it around the bicarb soda, started becoming like goo.After a while the liquid went up and started floating on the top. The bicarb soda was sitting on the bottom and doing nothing. Then the ingredients separated.

.Kate’s observation- After we poured all the ingredients in the bottle it fizzed up to about half way inside the bottle just like regular vinegar and bicarb soda would. After all the bubbles that settled the vinegar, oil and food dye floated to the top of all the bicarb soda and didn’t combined after all, I feel the oil did nothing the to experiment.

Discussion: This happens because the oils viscosity is too high to mix with the vinegars low viscosity.

Conclusion: Our experiment wasn’t successful because when we mixed the oil it just sat on the top of the vinegar and the bicarb soda. We learnt that oil does not combined with vinegar and bicarb soda. Yes, the results were as we predicted because we thought the oil would sit on the top and do nothing. We could change the experiment by instead of adding oil add water instead because then the water will combined with the vinegar and bicarb soda. A follow up experiment we could do vinegar and bicarb soda, looking at its properties.

100wc week#22-All of one stupid mistake

I was in the middle of my trip to India on a bright yellow Airplane. Oh and did I forget to mention that me a 12 year old boy is on my own in a plane. I’m on my own because my dad died a few weeks ago and my mum died as I was born. All I can think about is how I haven’t eat’n for two days strate. I sometimes feel like my whole life is just swept away all of one stupid mistake, not blowing the candle out in my living room were my dad was sleeping. But I moved on.

I set a goal for my self which was to set a clear message which was never giving up and to move on in bad things that happen in life, no matter how old you are or what your going through.


Across Africa since 2008 nearly 6000 rhino have been lost. Poachers hunt animals like rhino and elephants to sell their body parts.Although lots of leaders around the world have made an agreement to stop illegal animal parts from coming in to their countries, it’s still happening and it hasn’t stopped the poachers.  If poaching continues at this rate, the species will be wiped from the face of the planet for good. Well, they’re disappearing at an alarming rate now and I reckon in 15 years they’ll be finished there won’t be any rhino left in the wild. Why do you think poachers risk their lives to do something like this?


Africa is home to around 500 thousand elephants,  but the United Nations says 25 to 30 thousand are killed every year, many as a result of poaching.People make statuses and scalpers out of Ivory. I agree its cruel to kill the elephants for ivory. We should put a stop to poaching. I wonder if people will make a end to poaching?