Valedictorian speech

Welcome fellow classmates, teachers and parents, to tonight’s year 6 graduation. I am sure we are very nervous, parents and students. We are all so happy to be starting a new journey but sad to be ending one too.

We all have those memory’s some different some the same,some happy some sad. But by far my Favourite memory would had to be our first consent. The good ship lollipop, the most nerve wracking thing I’ve ever down and I’m sure its the same for most of you. But also really funny for the parents to watch, even though it was so much fun.

We all remember when we first entered kindergarten we were all so confident and loved it and then it came to our first day of prep most of us were so shy and scared that we would hide behind our parents legs or like me hold as tight as you can on there ankle.but look at us all now. somehow kids were the same as kindergarten and thought they were the most confided kids in the whole of prep.

I am really going to miss this school and I’m sure its the same for each and every one of you. I’m going to miss all the staff and teachers that work here that taught me throughout these years and my fellow classmates that guided me alone primary school.

I would just like to acknowledge a few students:

Felicity with her amassing art skills, Lara and her incredible voice, Liams dabs and finally Sashes positive attitude about every thing. I would go on but I would be here for weeks. Every one has an incredible talent you just have to search for it.

I would just like to thank all the teachers especially Leigh Richardson, Beth, Andrea, Ant, Lee Pregnell and Libby. you have helped me grow these 7 short years that I wish were long.

But Even though it will be really hard leaving this school, and were at end of the Finnish line there is always a starting line back a few steps. Just like what dr Seuss said don’t cry because its over smile because it happened. Thank you.

science experiment term 2

mixing oil, vinegar and bicarb soda together

This term we have been learning about science, mostly the three states of matter (with are gas, liquid and solid). This week we conducted our own experiment. Shanice and I experiment was mixing bicarb soda, vinegar and oil together. Changes to materials can be reversible, such as melting, freezing, evaporating; or irreversible, such as burning and rusting

 Aim: To identify the effect of oil, vinegar and bicarb soda combined in an open bottle.

Hypothesis and prediction: We think there will be a chemical reaction but the oil will do nothing to the experiment.

If you would wish do read our procedure text click here

Observations   if you wish to see a photo of the experiment click here 

Shanice’s observation-  When we poured the ingredients in, it started fizzing up around half the bottle. The fizzing went down and the bicarb soda and the vinegar combined but some of the vinegar did not combined. After we started swishing it around the bicarb soda, started becoming like goo.After a while the liquid went up and started floating on the top. The bicarb soda was sitting on the bottom and doing nothing.

Kate’s observation- After we poured all the ingredients in the bottle it fizzed up to about half way inside the bottle just like regular vinegar and bicarb soda would. After all the bubbles that settled the vinegar, oil and food dye floated to the top of all the bicarb soda and didn’t combined after all, I feel the oil did nothing the to experiment.

Discussion: This happens because the oils viscosity is too high to mix with the vinegar’s low viscosity.

Conclusion: Our experiment wasn’t successful because when we mixed the oil it just sat on the top of the vinegar and the bicarb soda. We learnt that oil does not combined with vinegar and bicarb soda. Yes, the results were as we predicted because we thought the oil would sit on the top and do nothing. We could change the experiment by instead of adding oil add water instead because then the water will combined with the vinegar and bicarb soda. A follow up experiment we could do vinegar and bicarb soda, looking at its properties.



prepared speech (is electricity a form of matter)

what I found difficult was when I researched the question (is electricity a form of matter) nothing came up for kids so my speech was really hard to understand. Some of my strong points in my speech was probably in my first paragraph and the first sentence (electricity is not matter, it is energy. Electricity is just the motion of electrons. You wouldn’t call the motion of water matter, would you?) I thought that because it was a little bit of a quote and it used rhetorical questions. I could get higher results next time if I make it a bit easer to understand at our age level or explaining the words in a lot more detail. I can use the skills of speaking and listening in other subjects when doing oral presentations and listing to other people presentations.


Good afternoon 5/6B today ill be talking to you about the question (is electricity a form of matter?)

electricity is not matter, it is energy. Electricity is just the motion of electrons. You wouldn’t call the motion of water matter, would you? Water and electrons are both matter, but the flow of water and electricity are not. plasma conducts electricity but that does not mean that electricity is a form of matter. Electricity is generated by the movement of electrons, and physicists consider electrons matter, even though they don’t have traditional properties of matter like mass and volume.

We look at five states of matter on the site. Solids, liquids, gases, plasmas, and Bose-Einstein condensates also nown as (BEC). Theys are different states that have different physical properties. Each of these states is also known as a phase. Elements and compounds can move from one phase to another when specific physical conditions change. For example, when the temperature of a system goes up, the matter in the system becomes more excited and active. If enough energy is placed in a system, a phase change may occur as the matter moves to a more active state.


Think about it this way. Let’s say you have a glass of water (H2O). When the temperature of the water goes up, the molecules get more excited and bounce around a lot more. If you give a liquid water molecule enough energy, it escapes the liquid phase and becomes a gas.

so this concludes my speech on is electricity a form of matter just to recap my points firstly the motion of electrons and the flow of liquids secondly looking deeply in to the five states of matter. and lately some examples of my points.