term 3 reflection

This term our topic to the unit was natural disasters, we had a  lesson once or twice every week on a different natural disaster. my Favourite lesson was on tsunamis because I never new that a tsunami is a earthquake under the sea floor.

did you know that Tornadoes need warm air and cold air to form.  Also earthquake is created by tectonic plates moving. A hurricane is really similar to a tornado. I understand that natural disasters happen every day most are really destructive. I understand that it would be hard for the families that houses are distorted. I wonder how many natural disasters happen every day/ every week?

The most important thing I have learnt in this term would be learning that the world is made up on tectonic plates and when they move or hit against each other they create an earthquake. I learnt this by researching lots of different questions to do with earthquakes and after gathering the information, summarising it and putting in to 3 to 4 paragraphs. To make a small information report.

I think I did really well in the assessment matrix but there were a few things I struggled on.

I achieved most of my goals but I didn’t look back at them during the unit so I couldn’t refer to them at all.