100wc week#1

I was on the ground on the street. No parents to be seen and no friends to talk to.,and I thought “well what a start” But what can I say I’m only 7 years old,without friends, family or a home. But its not so bad every one that is walking past gives me least $1 and i have been saving it for a while to get supply’s such as water, food and warm clothes. they are really considerate of me and of my surroundings there like my family in a way, but they ant always there to protect me like my mum and dad were.

100wc week#6 who could of put it there?

I was staring out in to a black mercy river as I noticed a Extraordinary bright pink Flamingo standing right in front of my eyes. I didn’t move a muscle. But I poked a dark, deep whole in the ground underneath me. I fleet something solid. Like a rock. But no it couldn’t of been a rock. I gently dug it out with my hands and it was a photo of my mum, it was the proudest moment of my life but also the creepiest. my mum died four and a half years ago who could of put it there?


My goal at the start of my 100wc challenge was that to make it a kind of weird story at the start but then quickly change it to be a sad story and also show emotion the second I change from weird to sad.

100wc week#5

As I stared into the water it began to turn green. I remember the first time this happened it was when me and my mum were skimming rocks along this same river. It was the best day of my life, I wish I could do it again I would wish that every day if it would work but no, shes never coming back. Ever. I tell my dad the same thing every day but he does not care. And that’s one of the reasons I wont her back she cared about what I needed to say unlike dad. I wish she was here.

100wc week#3 -So I’ve just given up hope.

I remember my mum just walking out and lightly shutting the the door behind her, with her head down on her chest. I was only 5 years of age I’m guessing she’s dead and dad thinks so to but how would I know I’m only a kid. It has been nearly 4 years since mum last walk out that door. My ninth birthday is coming up, but mums is tomorrow, I wish she was here to celebrate her 32 with us. But I didn’t believe that will happen because i hoped and hopped she would come every other day on her birthday but she didn’t. So I’ve just given up hope.

100wc week#2 – I wish I was free

This is my favourite place in the whole wide world (most people say there favourite place in the world is home but I can no longer say that any more I think you can guess why) My mum and dad used to take me here there my favourite people in the world (but I can no longer say that and I think you can guess why) I never thought this day would come, but when your living in it you believe it. I feel like I’m trapped somewhere I shouldn’t be. I wish I was free.

100WC WEEK#23

I was looking out the living room window in an orphanage, and saw children playing with happy faces out side of this window, but best of all they were with there parents I  imagined what it would be like to have all I could see.

I’ve been her since I was 6 years of age, but no, no ones ever dreamed of adopting me or walking in to this trashed orphanage   well what I call home. I always wished I could have a family or even remember what it was like to have one. But no i don’t remember anything, nothing at all.

My goal was to describe in more detail when I wont to show emotion and when I wont the reader to feel that emotion.

100wc week#21

I was in the middle of a soccer pitch waiting for the game to start. Nerves shaking through my legs but so excited to play my last and final match of the season.

The whistle blew and everyone disappeared of the court I didn’t know what was happing. I ran over to my team even though they were in a huddle , I still was confused. the whistle blew again and I rushed over to play my last and finale game but both my team and the opposing team was still in a huddle whispering i didn’t know what to think. 


I was walking through the mall and saw a statue sitting on the bench and thought to myself  I wonder who put it there and who had the strange but cool idea but I wonder were there going or if the man on the bench next to the statue cant keep away from it or if the statue was made of by man of a relative or friend. Suddenly I thought to myself I was curious I wanted to know were it came from and who made wouldn’t you want to know.

I came back the next day and it was gone no sign of it any were.

100wc visions

I don’t know why but lately I’ve been having visions like last night I saw something sad and it mad me a different person it goes like this, I saw my futcher I saw my mother and father suffering in-front of me in a danger’s flame. As the flame flickered and then went out in front of me it was to late they were gone no longer with me any more.

So ever since that vision came to me I have been waiting for another, but I’ve had no luck,  just waiting for three long years straight.



I was Silencing an Orange in my Pyjamas while a strike of Thunder hit our satellite dish. I wasn’t sure what to think the rest of the family was in bed asleep and when my family is asleep you should be happy there asleep and never to wake them up. I was trying to remember what  happened last but I just had a mental black out. When soon after I herd a knock at the front door, and a loud angry voice. I was terrified. when I got a small  glimpse of a little boy running down the side of my house.