A meteor streaked through the atmosphere and exploded above the city of Chelyabinsk. The force was 20 times bigger than an atomic bomb but because it was so high in the air the effects on the ground weren’t as devastating.  The same day astronomers watched an asteroid half the size of a football field make its way safely but closely past the earth. The two events weren’t connected but they did get a lot of people thinking about what’s going on outside of our planet. I wonder how big a meteor can get. I wonder how many meteors are in  space. I understand that there are lots of plants in our solar system and many to be explored.

space video

Babylon-  a city state that was located  near modern Baghdad. Precession of the equinoxes- a term for the wobbling of the earth around the axis. Maya- a group of mesoamerican. I wonder why you can only see stars at night and there always there during the day?  I wonder when space was discovered? I understand that there are lots of planets in space and lots more to be discovered

science goals (term 4)

Science as a human endeavour

In this unit I want to learn about how meteor showers are created and how they effect peoples lives.

Earth and space science

why if you are looking up at the sky, stars are only visible at night, and there always.

Recording and processing

I want to be able to create a scientific diagram.