term 3 reflection

This term our topic to the unit was natural disasters, we had a  lesson once or twice every week on a different natural disaster. my Favourite lesson was on tsunamis because I never new that a tsunami is a earthquake under the sea floor.

did you know that Tornadoes need warm air and cold air to form.  Also earthquake is created by tectonic plates moving. A hurricane is really similar to a tornado. I understand that natural disasters happen every day most are really destructive. I understand that it would be hard for the families that houses are distorted. I wonder how many natural disasters happen every day/ every week?

The most important thing I have learnt in this term would be learning that the world is made up on tectonic plates and when they move or hit against each other they create an earthquake. I learnt this by researching lots of different questions to do with earthquakes and after gathering the information, summarising it and putting in to 3 to 4 paragraphs. To make a small information report.

I think I did really well in the assessment matrix but there were a few things I struggled on.

I achieved most of my goals but I didn’t look back at them during the unit so I couldn’t refer to them at all.


The defence force has opened its doors to a group of young people to let them experience a few days in the life of an army, navy or air force officer. It’s set up to show young Aussies that are interested in joining the military what it’s really like.The defence force hopes this program will help encourage more young people to enlist, something they need to reach their target of 62,000 employees by 2025.  I understand that it would be hard for the students. I understand that not many people want to join the army.  I wonder if it would be hard being a student doing work experience?

100wc week#1

I was on the ground on the street. No parents to be seen and no friends to talk to.,and I thought “well what a start” But what can I say I’m only 7 years old,without friends, family or a home. But its not so bad every one that is walking past gives me least $1 and i have been saving it for a while to get supply’s such as water, food and warm clothes. they are really considerate of me and of my surroundings there like my family in a way, but they ant always there to protect me like my mum and dad were.