I was at the grand -final of the 2012 soccer game, all I could here was the croud was cheering/ well roaring . It was so loud up in the audience, I couldn’t talk it  any more. But thats is a soccer game, But not just any soccer game the grand final. The game was nearly over, the scores were level. But shortly after that the Brisbane roars scored another goal, the croud were cheering while bell to signal the mach over went.But Perth glory were devastated.

I wanted to change the theme I normally write  in and also make the story really exciting.

please watch its an amassing game:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rniszEh2Iwg


The Reserve Bank of Australia reckons it’s time these bits of plastic got a makeover, starting with the 5 dollar note. From the 1st of September, our old five dollar note will slowly be replaced with this one. The note’s colour, size and famous faces will stay the same, but there are quite few new upgrades.  I understand that it will be hard to make all the new  notes. I understand that some people will agree with the upgrade but some will disagree.  I wonder it you cad still purchase thing with the not upgraded note?

100wc week#6 who could of put it there?

I was staring out in to a black mercy river as I noticed a Extraordinary bright pink Flamingo standing right in front of my eyes. I didn’t move a muscle. But I poked a dark, deep whole in the ground underneath me. I fleet something solid. Like a rock. But no it couldn’t of been a rock. I gently dug it out with my hands and it was a photo of my mum, it was the proudest moment of my life but also the creepiest. my mum died four and a half years ago who could of put it there?


My goal at the start of my 100wc challenge was that to make it a kind of weird story at the start but then quickly change it to be a sad story and also show emotion the second I change from weird to sad.


The 1960s is remembered for a lot of things. But one of the biggest events of the decade was actually a war in a tiny country called Vietnam. The Vietnam War actually started years earlier because the country was split on how it should be run. I understand it would of been hard for all thoughts solders. I don’t think its fair that if your birthday got drawn of of a raffle you had to go to the war, it should of been there choose. i wonder how many people fought in the war?

100wc week#5

As I stared into the water it began to turn green. I remember the first time this happened it was when me and my mum were skimming rocks along this same river. It was the best day of my life, I wish I could do it again I would wish that every day if it would work but no, shes never coming back. Ever. I tell my dad the same thing every day but he does not care. And that’s one of the reasons I wont her back she cared about what I needed to say unlike dad. I wish she was here.


Gaurika is the youngest athlete at the Olympics. She’s representing Nepal, a country in South Asia where she was born. Tom Daley was one of the youngest ever athletes back in Bejing in 2008. I understand the it would be really hard to be in an athlete in the Olympics and also a student in school. I understand the she really loves representing her country. I wonder if she will win a medal?  


One earthquake hits the island of Haiti. An estimated 250,000 people are killed and many more injured. A month later another earthquake, 500 times more powerful, hits the country of Chile, on the South American coast. But despite the severity of the quake, it looks as though the toll from this disaster may only reach as high as 500.  I understand that it would be hard if you were a really poor country and had a huge earthquake. and also that so many places in the world experience earthquakes. I wonder if this was the biggest earthquake Haiti or Chile ever had?

100wc week#3 -So I’ve just given up hope.

I remember my mum just walking out and lightly shutting the the door behind her, with her head down on her chest. I was only 5 years of age I’m guessing she’s dead and dad thinks so to but how would I know I’m only a kid. It has been nearly 4 years since mum last walk out that door. My ninth birthday is coming up, but mums is tomorrow, I wish she was here to celebrate her 32 with us. But I didn’t believe that will happen because i hoped and hopped she would come every other day on her birthday but she didn’t. So I’ve just given up hope.