BTN- Deadly earthquakes

The Earth is made of these plates, which are a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. They’re constantly moving, but only a few centimetres a year. And that’s when earthquakes happen, when the plates rub against each other. And that happens more often for countries like New Zealand, because it’s situated right above the place where the Pacific plate rubs against the Australian plate. Earthquakes can be really dangers they can sometimes seem like a bad dream. Earthquakes are really scary and you have always got to be prepared. I wonder how plates move?

100wc week#2 – I wish I was free

This is my favourite place in the whole wide world (most people say there favourite place in the world is home but I can no longer say that any more I think you can guess why) My mum and dad used to take me here there my favourite people in the world (but I can no longer say that and I think you can guess why) I never thought this day would come, but when your living in it you believe it. I feel like I’m trapped somewhere I shouldn’t be. I wish I was free.

BTN-persuasive piece the Seed Bank

I agree with the  The Seed Bank. I agree that it is a great idea and you should to. Here are some reasons why.

Firstly Deep in the mountain, there are 865 thousand types of crop seeds. That includes seeds to grow wheat, barley, potatoes and almost 150 thousand types of rice! Not one person who lives there wants that to get destroyed. do they?

Secondly No one wants any plant to get wiped out by natural disasters, outbreaks of disease, climate change or even war, which means that there is no more of that kind of plant in the whole word at all.

finally Doomsday Vault is really important because it keeps all the seeds in freezing cold temperatures so that the seeds are still okay to plant in hundreds of years time.

So to sum up my points the seed bank is a great idea because theirs so many seeds up in that place of the world and we want protect then, no one wants the plants/seeds to get wiped out and finally the vault keeps all the seeds in freezing temperatures so there  fine to plant in hundreds if years time.

100wc week#1 “I wont ever forget about you!”

It was a freezing cold day, there was purple coloured ice covering the ground. But I can’t hear a sound.

I slowly started to look up at a tree and a Frightened looking bird flew up,up and away.He slowly reached the bright sunshine. then again I could still say I was having a good time. The best part was I could still hear my dads old wind chime. But at leased I’m standing in the spot were my dad spoke his last words to me “I love you son” and then I quickly replied “I wont ever forget about you!”


The Australian Institute of Sport estimates there are as many as 100,000 sports-related concussions in Australia each year. And it says the number of people admitted to hospital for them has risen by about 60 per cent just in the past decade!  your brain actually sits in liquid inside your skull, so it floats and can move around. If it collides with something the brain can move enough to bounce against the skull. That impact can leave the brain bruised or even make small tears in the nerves. That’s why people with a concussion are left feeling dizzy, confused, sick or with blurry vision. I understand that you have to be really careful when you’re playing sport, it can help if you wear Wearing protective gear. I wonder how many kids normally get head concision a year?