100WC WEEK#23

I was looking out the living room window in an orphanage, and saw children playing with happy faces out side of this window, but best of all they were with there parents I  imagined what it would be like to have all I could see.

I’ve been her since I was 6 years of age, but no, no ones ever dreamed of adopting me or walking in to this trashed orphanage   well what I call home. I always wished I could have a family or even remember what it was like to have one. But no i don’t remember anything, nothing at all.

My goal was to describe in more detail when I wont to show emotion and when I wont the reader to feel that emotion.

2 thoughts on “100WC WEEK#23

  1. Hey Kate!

    I really liked how you hooked the reader at the start of your 100 WC. You made the reader feel the emotion of your story. other than when you put a double space in between orphanage and well I can’t find a negative in your story.

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