100wc visions

I don’t know why but lately I’ve been having visions like last night I saw something sad and it mad me a different person it goes like this, I saw my futcher I saw my mother and father suffering in-front of me in a danger’s flame. As the flame flickered and then went out in front of me it was to late they were gone no longer with me any more.

So ever since that vision came to me I have been waiting for another, but I’ve had no luck,  just waiting for three long years straight.



The mangroves are home to many species of fish and crabs and other animals including this little guy. They have buttress roots where they keep the trees stable when the tide comes through. Experts say mangroves make up one of the most important ecosystems on the planet. the plants seem like a really helpful. So, mangroves fight climate change better than any other trees on earth. I wonder how long until the plants extinction? 

I Got This Hat…

I got his hat his hat from my great grandma. It’s been in my family for over 65 years, I got it at my dads funeral. I wear it every day ever since it was given to me. Some people at school feel sorry for me that I live on my own but it doesn’t really bother me because I’m just glad that I’m alive. I don’t really trust anyone because everyone I tell moves through everyone in the whole school.  I feel like know one can really see me like I’m invisible and alone.


I was Silencing an Orange in my Pyjamas while a strike of Thunder hit our satellite dish. I wasn’t sure what to think the rest of the family was in bed asleep and when my family is asleep you should be happy there asleep and never to wake them up. I was trying to remember what  happened last but I just had a mental black out. When soon after I herd a knock at the front door, and a loud angry voice. I was terrified. when I got a small  glimpse of a little boy running down the side of my house.


In Australia about 1 in 20 kids have a food allergy, Some of the most common are nuts, egg, cow’s milk, soy, fish, shellfish and wheat. The reason people have food allergies is because their immune system – the barrier that normally protects against germs and diseases – mistakenly thinks the food they’re eating is harmful. I must be had for people with food allergies, and I wouldn’t think its fun. I wonder if its more likely for a boy to get then a girl?

100wc week#17

12 years old is to young to die, I thought to myself. I wanted to relive my 12 years.

People say that they want to die just to go to heaven or just to see what its like but no that is the comleate opposite for me. I wish that there were stair ways to the sky because if there were I could relive my live see my family and have fun. Cancer is a horrible way to die especially if your only 12 years of age. people say heaven is a beautiful place don’t listen to them.


Africa is home to around 500 thousand elephants,  but the United Nations says 25 to 30 thousand are killed every year, many as a result of poaching.People make statuses and scalpers out of Ivory. I agree its cruel to kill the elephants for ivory. We should put a stop to poaching. I wonder if people will make a end to poaching?

100wc week#16

I was all alone.

just sitting there

All on my own,

so scared I couldn’t bare.


Suddenly I got a feeling,

maybe my life wasn’t lonely,

just not appealing to live,

but I agree that I’m the one and only.


and there I was sitting in the corner of my classroom hiding behind all the desks. No one knew I was missing, see this is what I mean lonely is just a word unless it’s your whole life. What I mean is my parents don’t even know I exist but I can’t complain it’s just what happens to some eight year old’s.


85 per-cent of plastic in our environment is tiny bits of microplastic! a big problem is that plastic often has dangerous chemicals in it and they can seep into the animal’s body. many cosmetics companies are now looking at natural biodegradable solutions, things like seeds or other small bits of rough material. I think Australia should cut down the amount of rubbish we use. agree that Australia uses to much rubbish. I wonder if Australia ever cuts down the amount of rubbish we use.