100wc week#13 maybe they weren’t dead just missing (Part 2)

I was in the middle of no were not a sound to be heard. Not a person to be seen not even the slightest bit of green. I call it home.

Hi my name is, Well actually I don’t have a name my mum and dad died just as I was born. Sometimes when I sit were all, the dead trees are outside my filed of dirt I see shadows of my mum and dad. Yesterday I went after the shadows, soon after I tripped over on mum’s old neck lace next to the shadow. I felt kind of dizzy I looked out as far as my eyes could see the spot just grew and grew.


One thought on “100wc week#13 maybe they weren’t dead just missing (Part 2)

  1. Dear Kate,
    Your story was really good. I loved how you used the 6 traits of writing. I loved the word choice e.g. “shadows of my mum and dad” it made me now a bit more about your character and their setting.
    You described everything really well and saying “as fare as my eyes could see” it was really nice and described it well.

    Your story was well written and made sense.
    From Sasha.

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