100wc week#15 yes I did live there

Hi my name is Jackson. I live in the dump rite next to six bright coloured recycling bins. I’ve lived here all my that I can remember, and still cant remember if I had any parents or if I was adopted and someone and  just left me here all alone. I try to remember the memories of me and my family, even though I just remember living in the dumb for 12 year now.Some children are not grateful for what they have not even thinking what it would be like for me, with no parents or the smallest bit of shelter.

BTN kids in detention.

about 200 kids are currently being held by the Australian Government in immigration detention centres?Lots of schools all around Australia create letters, and then the Befriend a Child in Detention program mails them off with a book to the Nauru Detention Centre and some Children from detention develop anxiety and depression. It’s become so common, that it’s almost normal in detention for children to have these symptoms. I think the program is kind of about giving the kids and adults the kind of chance to experience what it’s like to be in Australia, as we’re writing about our life, they would probably feel remembered as well. Many of the children in the detention centre are learning English, and so it’s good for them to practice their English with books. I wonder how long the Australian Government keeps the kids and adults in the migration detention centres?

term one reflection

This term we have been learning about civics and citizenship, how the government works and how to pass a bill.

What I found interesting was that there were two ways to vote direct and indirect. Another thing I found interesting was the governor general has to sign it before it is a law. There are two houses the bill has to go through before it’s sinned by the governor general. When we first started this topic I found it quite challenging, but towards the end its gotten easer and easer. I wonder what would happen if there was only one house the bill had to go through.

I learnt a lot thought this unit especially at the start of term one when we had to create small role plays. My group did the play on democracy.my favourite part of the unit was going to the museum in Ballarat. Where we were standing was the gold Felds. The most important thing I learnt was that there is two houses in parliament, the House of Representatives and the senate. I’m not really sure what I’ll do with this but now when I’m 18 I will know how my vote is counted and used and how the palmiet.

I achieved most of my goals and I think I did better than I thought I would.

100wc week#14 maybe they weren’t dead just missing (part 1)

I put my hand in the box and felt like a locket I took it out of the box so slowly that I could not only see my hand shaking but feel it. Inside the locket was a photograph of my mum and dad, every morning now I take out the locket and pretend my mum and dad are still with me. not only do I feel alone I am alone. I’ve always wondered who looked after me as a child I can just remember my first word and seeing some one running away in to the sky.

100wc week#13 maybe they weren’t dead just missing (Part 2)

I was in the middle of no were not a sound to be heard. Not a person to be seen not even the slightest bit of green. I call it home.

Hi my name is, Well actually I don’t have a name my mum and dad died just as I was born. Sometimes when I sit were all, the dead trees are outside my filed of dirt I see shadows of my mum and dad. Yesterday I went after the shadows, soon after I tripped over on mum’s old neck lace next to the shadow. I felt kind of dizzy I looked out as far as my eyes could see the spot just grew and grew.


BTN young leaders

a good leader is someone who can communicate well. they have the ability to control a croud and most importantly a leader is someone who inspirer’s others. Different leaders lead in different ways and are pashnit about different things. It doesn’t matter what age you are to be a leader you just need to follow the three facts.  If it doesn’t matter how young you are does it matter how old you are?  

watch the BTN video here:http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3974812.htm

passing a bill in the Australian federal parliament

I understand that it would be quite hard to pass a bill though the house of representatives and then the senate. Before your bill becomes a law it has to be signed by the governor general but not only does the governor general has to sign it but it has to be passed through the house if representatives, then it has to be passed through the senate afterwords, and they have to vote in both the house of representatives and the senate. But I think the most annoying thing of all is it takes up so much time and speeches can go for days. What would happen if there were the same amount of votes on both the for and against sides?

My group developed a bill on same sex marriage 

The issue that were are addressing in communities is The Marriage Equality. An act to allow marriage equality.

The questions that drove our research were:

What is the most recent vote on Same Sex marriage? In 2014 a vote was released say 80% of Australians agree to same sex marriage.

Why doesn’t Australia allow gay marriage when other countries do? Unfortunately there are many reasons people have proposed but we don’t know for sure.

Why does it have to be that if you leave the country, have same gender marriage, then return, to be illegally married? If it is not allowed in Australia you haven’t the permission to receive an official Australian Marriage form.

What is the REAL difference between opposite and same gender marriage? The answer is simply none. They love each other the same and treat them both well.


The Marriage Equality Bill. An Act to Allow Same Sex Couples to get married.

We don’t need this bill though. The Plebiscite will cost way too much money from the Australian government. We need safer roads, more medical research, education funds and so much more. This isn’t even an issue concerning us. Besides kids will be picked on. Their lives do not require this interference. And it’s not just the children’s life we are concerned with. It’s their parents!  These innocent kids could be traumatised! And how awkward would it be? Mother’s Day and Father’s Day? It’s delusional!


Although. Insurance. When in an emergency you need to sign documents. Deaths, Medical, Adoptions and more. Only partners (in marriage) can sign these documents. Don’t forget the 80% of Australians who agree! How many time could you get voted into government by passing this bill? And what about the fact that’s it’s their choice? If they want to be able to have freedom you should let them.  There are 64 other places globally that allow same sex marriage.


This bill states that there should be a law on saying that “people of the same sex are aloud get married in Australia”.  To rebut our arguments we said that it only effects their life not your life so why does it matter to you. Give me 3 reasons why it effects your life. 80% of the people agree that we should gave same sex marriage. So only 20% of the people DON’T want to have same sex marriage. So that proves that we should have marriage equality, and what if they are sick? Who is going to sign the papers if their parents are in another country or something? Just think about this for a while and put yourself in their shoes.

The Marriage Equality Bill. An Act to Allow Same Sex Couples to get married. It includes a ban on discrimination for same sex marriage.

task 6 

I agree with our group’s bill (to allow same sex couples to marry in Australia)

If the bill does become a law it doesn’t really do anything to anyone except the gay couples in Australia. The only reason most people don’t want gay couples to get married is they feel uncomfortable around them. If a man a women can get married that it’s only fair that the same sex can get married.

task 7

I think my group worked really well together and I think next time we do any type of project then I will pick some of the people that was in my group. We were always on topic and got are work done really quickly. We got so much information and did a lot of research I’m so glad that I went to that group