100wc week#11 …when the connection broke…

I was in a dark room. With nothing but nerves. All I could here was dead silence, but that minute I heard a light switch on and saw a slight glimpse of light shine through the room. Just as I took a deep breath, I head another light switch on and then the room I was in was so bright anyone in the abandoned house could find me know, when the connection broke. Now the abandoned house was darker than ever. No human how wants to live here will have to get past me first.


King John the Bad is what people still call him. He was known as cruel, spiteful and jealous, even though he was never supposed to have any power. John was the youngest son of a big royal family but his older brothers kept dying so that meant he became king. It would of been hard for the people how got ruled by him. how did it get the name magna carta?