100wc week#8 Laying on the streets

Laying on the streets the moist and sticky air.” I’d dream of having a lake near by to go swimming,(even though the water was mercy and green.” That would be a dream come true.” “But I know in wont happen. “I live alone with mum.” “My dad died of starvation and my younger brother died as soon as he was born, it must been the gas around him. ” “I never got to meet him, his name was going to be Jahnu. The food we eat could likely be poisoned. ” Every day I tell my mum what I want to do as a hobby, always say a dancer.


S.R.C Application

Dear classmates,

Today ill be talking to you about why I would like to be the S.R.C rep for 5/6,b in 2016. Here are some reasons why.


  • Firstly, I’m very organized/tidy   e. I can never work with a untidy work space or table , and I would be on time to all meatiness
  • secondly, I strongly believe that I could make the school a better place by not letting kids take rappers out in play time, and having yard-duty once a week.
  • And finally, I can work with a range of different ages, and this would be helpful because there are so meney different age groups in S.R.C an it would be so useful when I’m organizing fundraisers.

And that’s why I’d like to be the S.R.C. rep for 2016

100wc week#7 …the door opened and there it was…

The door opens and there in was my new dog, even though I’d  never seen him dog before.”He must be a stray.” He was already trained but know collar.I was just about to call the pound when the he run through the front door. Crash bang!!! piles glass every were. He ran upstairs to my bedroom, jumped up on my bed with his muddy feet. He sat there and looked at me. I went to get him a second hand collar and on it, it said scruffy with my phone number on it. Then he was my dog, scruffy.