Economics incursion

Today we did a economics lesson it was really fun.We had a girl from Commonwealth Bank come in and teach us a lesson on how to earn and save money. She had these cards that made up a money symbol $$$ ,the first money symbol was chores like washing the car and maybe you just might get money to spend. Another one was neighbourhood jobs  like you can help your neighbourhood with  jobs. Another one was trade and sell and we learnt that you don’t sell other people’s things permission or trade.

She said that there are three things to help you save

  • See it (she got us to do an activity.we had to close our eyes and visualise what we are going to save for)
  • Earn it (she got us to create a fake
  • Save it


100wc #week10

I was climbing up a mountain when I saw a very old shack.

I knocked on the door nothing. I was fed up I went in and suddenly a skeleton came crashing down on me I ran down the mountain and fell into mud the skeleton was right behind me it was running as fast as it could I could tell because it was looking so ANGRY!

The skeleton went head first into the mud but it could not move it was trapped a piranha was eating it up

this was my chance and it is still there right now

(by Aryaveer)


Narrative writing – lonely

“This is going to be an exciting day.” Jonathan whispered to himself.

The joyful boy rushed down the stairs, but he stopped at the bottom because he saw his young mother dead on the ground. Jonathan fell to his knees and put his hand on her head a tear fall down to her chest. Jonathan wasn’t excited any more.

His sister Rose and his dad Peter were crying of sadness. For days Jonathan would not eat anything, sometimes he wouldn’t even come down from his dark and dull room and he would never talk to anyone.

Jonathan couldn’t show his face anywhere, even though he had no friends, so the sad and lonely boy and his family had to move to Australia. He had always wanted to visit Australia when he was young, but so did his mum. But it still didn’t matter what Jonathan had to say because him and his 3/4 of a family were already at the airport in Australia. He went to get his luggage but there luggage wasn’t there and they were waiting for more than half an hour but it didn’t turn up.

Jonathans, family walked out of the Airport with no luggage. But it turns out Peter didn’t have a house or money because they spent it on the plane. So they were living on the streets. The dirty, rusty and cloudy streets with nothing but filth.

After a mounts of doing nothing in the streets, there was a little red flame.

“It’s a fire run!” Peter yelled. The whole family ran in opposite directions because there was such a big crowd and they were pushing everyone in different directions to get away from the flame. It was getting bigger and bigger and it turned in to a big red fast flowing, dangers fire. Dad went in the direction of the city, Jonathan went in the direction of the bush and who knows were Rose could be?

The terrified boy walked over and there was no one there “Help!” the scared boy screamed. There was no answer, but Jonathan heard some leaves crunch. The curries boy tip toed over to the noise and found a girl laying on the ground.

“Is she asleep?” he wondered.

But it turns out the girl was dead, it was a bird making the sound.  But Jonathan didn’t give up, he kept looking for help.

But then shortly after that, Jonathan saw something. “Wait ,wait!” the shocked boy was waiting in suspense for Peter and Rose to rush over, but they stood there like statues.

Jonathan couldn’t wait any longer, the sad and lonely boy suddenly changed emotions. Jonathan rushed over there, but something strange happened.

Every time he got closer they started to disappear in to the air.

When Jonathan reached out to touch them, all Jonathan could see was two piles of ash. Shortly after that he heard his Mum’s voice whispering his name.

“Am I in heaven?” Jonathan wondered.

My prepared speech

Good mourning 5/6B and lee today I’ll be talking to you about what is a monopoly not the board game even though its based on it.

A monopoly is when one person/company/group controls all the byers, since there is only one of the company and monopoly is a market situation where there is only one provider of a service.

A situation in which a single company owns all or nearly all of the market for a given type of product or service.
Hears a quote from Steve Ballmer

We don’t have a monopoly. We have market share. There’s a difference.


Hears a quote from Phyllis Schlafly

Our public school system is our country’s biggest and most inefficient monopoly, yet it keeps demanding more and more money.


Hears a quote from William Stanley Jevons

Property is only another name for monopoly.

thank you