BTN-school economics

The Government said that all Primary Schools should be leaning about economics. maths lessens can help at understanding economics. its good for kids to be getting tot about economics because it helps them with there life and money.

I love the idea of kids at a young age to lean economics. it could help kids with life. when the government said all primary schools does that mean ALL of them?

BTN – Visiting Pluto

Pluto was divorced by Clyde Tombaugh back in the 1930’s.from the earth Pluto is 5 billion kilometres (approximately). in 2007 it new horizon past Jupiter to test the photos. I think its a really good idea that new horizon took pickers of Pluto. it was a really good way for lots of people to see Pluto in clear pickers. I wonder if they have taken picketers of any other planets other then Pluto.


Once there was a little and lonely planet his name was Pluto, he had no friends and he didn’t know anyone our anything. He didn’t even know were he was or even his own name.

One day Pluto  decided to go and see if he could find any friends,it took him years to find someone…        OH wait what was that Pluto saw something he didn’t know what it was “it looks strange,” Pluto said to him self, he never saw something like that before “is  that a planet like me WOW there big. It turns out to be the best day ever!