BTN Fossil Fuels

 Last week was the G 7,there was a really important meeting with leaders of the 7 most powerful countries in the world.  One of the things that came out of that meeting was to stop using fossil fuels by the end of the century. I think its a really good idea as and it might help the environment. Is the only ingredient dead bodies from the sea? 



BTN Modern Shakespeare

Its a good way to teach kids about his plays. Some kids in primary school are getting a taste of Shakespeare’s and his play from the bell Shakespeare company. Some of Shakespeare plays are were written centuries ago. I think its a good idea for kids to love Shakespeare and put on plays for other kids. The Bell Shakespeare company puts a modern twist on Macbeth one of Shakespeare’s plays. Is there more moves that is aced own Shakespeare plays?

100wc week#35

One of the things my family loves is trying new foods. Some of the things we have tried are pizza and pasta from Italy and sushi from Japan. One time we went to India and I tried some curry.  I liked it at first but it made my tongue tingle and burn, I had to drink 15 cups full of milk to get the taste away from burning my mouth. The only thing I do not want to try is BRUSSELL SPOUTS from wait I don’t even know were there from.

Next week were going to Australia and my sister said we will be trying BRUSSELL SPOUTS wait BRUSSELL SPOUTS!!!!!