100wc week#34 the mystery

So as she lifted the lid to see what was inside, before she could say boo a snake popped out!  She heard a soft whisper from her room. “Jenny!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. There was no answer. I then screamed  “Dad”,but there was still no answer. It was then that I heard the same whisper and I got scared.

I don’t like being home on my own as you never know who might be with you. WHAT WAS THAT NOISE? WHAT WAS THAT SHADOW?




BTN Reconciliation Week

This week is National Reconciliation Week. This week is when Aboriginal people and non Aboriginal people get together and try to make the world a better place.

There’s about 71% of Australians that are prejudiced against aboriginal people and only 13% of people with trust in them It doesn’t matter what colour skin you have you should respect others. We want to make sure that everyone gets the same respect no matter how they are. Lots of schools, governments and  organisations have been learning about Reconciliation in order to try and achieve this.  Why do people judge people for what they look like and not what they act like?

here’s the story click the link:http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4239944.htm






100wc week#33 the storm!!!

I was looking at the weather for the week and I noticed that there was going to be a big storm on Saturday night.

I was waiting for the storm to come as I walked up the hallway to my room. I heard the howling of the wind. I finally reached my room, I dived onto the bed and buried myself under my covers, but the ferocious wind wouldn’t stop. I tried to think of happier things and comforting memories. But nothing could block out the rattling windows and the snapping of branches. I brace myself for the night ahead.

BTN the cardboard kid


.Caines arcade challenge has been shred around the world.

.if you join the challenge you can interact with other people  and you shear your ides

.Caines arcade was really popular


.its fun to use your mind to make things out of cardboard boxes

.some kids would rather make things out of cardboard box then play the x box.


.did Caine keep making arcade games after the cardboard box challenge?

100wc week # 32 Kates Lego move!!!

As the special went to get the peace of golden hey she saw a chicken aparatly it was out to get her “ARR!” She screams. “maybe the the golden hey belonghs to the chicken. And that’s why the chicken wants to get me” “oh” lets go tell emit and the gang, she said.

“Emit!” she called, then when they got there the chicken was gone and they didn’t believe that there was a chicken. then the special said the chicken toke the golden  hey with her.

then the special got so mad she pusht  Emit of the log and there was the golden hey…


BTN Minecraft


.designing  a new world is hard

.here running a copotion the best disied wold will be made in to a reall life park.

.you can turn your wildest words in to reality.


.its a really fun game.

.but at the same time its hard.


.can you make teleports on x-box?

B.T.N The Animals of WWI


.hoses , donkeys and camelsere used to carry heavy lodes and solders

.smaller animals like piggens are used to send messeges like life sving messages

.most of the solders had animals


.it would of bean hard for the solders if they did not have any animals.

.it would of bean better to have an animal to ride on then just feet


.did they training the animals ?



100wc week #30 … Drum,Cornflake ,Exciting ,Lion ,Danced

As I looked on my cornflake box I saw a lion playing the  drum and there was another lion that danced its head off . Just as I was going out the door I drew a picture  of a monkey eating a banana on the cornflake box then I left for school. When I got to school there was no one there but there was a new poster…

The poster looked the same as my cornflake box and it had the same picture  that I drew. Then I felt scared because I was her alone Thatno one new I drew that… 

was that an Exciting story!!!!!!!!!!!!