galah sports reflection

I was in volleyball it was really fun. My sister holly did volleyball in galah sports and now she loves it. She’s bean doing it for 2 years and she’s doing it this year. And maybe I will do the same thing because I had never done it before but now I know how. Its probably my best sport as well as swimming and I was so upset when I herd that we were only doing 2 weeks like I mean 2 lessens of going to the park. It was so much fun and I cant stop thinking about doing it another time    BYE 

100WC WEEK #24

As I was travelling to Canberra I just got the worst plane food ever. As I put the spoon In my mouth I groped my spoon on the grounded then when I looked out the plan window there I was in the airport ”wow I said I’m so existed” as I got out of  he plan and waved to the pilot the pilot took of and then he realized that I for got my laptop and my I-pad OH NO!!! I tolled the police and there’s  said that theirs no way he coming back. what I said so theirs no way to get it back NO.