100wc week #22

Once there was a twelve year old boy named John that had super sour candy but it said sweet on the wrapper…

John was a big bully. John has been waiting for Halloween to come and so were a lot of his classmates. John wanted to preform the best Halloween prank ever! He was going to give kids sour lollies as the wrappers would say it was “sweet.” John was going to have a great night full of pranks. Hopefully John will one day learn his lesson as he truly is an evil boy!

The End!


reasons to lees letter

hi lee I’m Kate,

I’m 10 and I love playing out-sided Some times with my bother Sean. and we love gardening. we did it a lot in are old  house but now we moved  so we don’t do much gardening any more. And I loved your garden bed.

It was so sweat when you bout your mum a bike toking about bikes I got a PINK  bike for X-mas it has 3 gears I love it.

i was so happy that I’m in 56 its so much fun except the homework shhh!!!!!!!!

100WC WEEK #20 the boy with a pet hyena

Once their was a boy with a hyena. The boy gave his hyena a sandwich and then he had a nap. His neighbour came yelling and told him “to get his hyena out of here.” The boy then got up to play soccer. But then his ball went over the fence, so he climbed over the fence to his neighbour’s house to get the ball back. The neighbour yells at the boy and said “you will never see this hyena again”. The neighbour then grabs the hyena and brings him to the zoo. The boy watched as the grey car drive off into the distance.