The big race

‘’I’m going to the big race tomorrow’’. John said bursting with excitement. WHAT YOU’ER GOING TO THE BIG RACE I BROKE BOTH OF MY LEGS DOING THAT!    ‘’OH NO’’ well john said I can’t back out now I’ve promised the money for charity. I sighed anyway I have to go bye.  What I only broke both of my legs at the swerve slow done at the swerve the swerve!!!!!!!!    There john was sitting in the Conner with tears coming done johns face.   ‘’What am I going to do?’’, john said to himself.  I pulled my car up to the starting line up ahead all I could see was a cliff and terns that you can’t see the end to and it smells like rotten eggs. GO!’’I HEARED WHAT MY ENGINE WONT START I KEPT POSHING ON THE PEDALL FINALY THE MOTER CLUNKS TO LIFE. ‘‘Oh no!’’ it’s the swerve   bill told me to slow done maybe if I go this way  “chhhh!” i heared whats that noies “wow wow!”wheres all the people i think i won no”, it can’t be anyway there is no people” I WIN” “YAY.”

The Storm


Charli and I bolted up the hill like a cheetah on ice.

At the top saw a flash as quick as a dash.

Water heavily dropped down like god’s garden hose.

In our cabin Charli screams.   boom,bang      with a creep of noise appears the figure of light and flash.   

Others dashed back soaking wet like a pond.

Like a fox in the night. The storm stole our daylight.