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Venus is the same size as earth. the only way to see the solar system from earth is to make one. Planets are so far away from each other that you cant get it o a picture. I wonder how many planets are in space? I wonder how many people have visited  space? I understand that there are many planets to be discovered. 

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if you ever looked up at the sky and asked questions that you are an astronomer. Like the sun the moon rises ans sets. Every planet and star moves just like earth. I wonder how many stars there are our solar system? i understand that there are many planets is in space and many to be explored?

BTN on scam lesson

When your online its like being in a car. Any one can be scammed any time and any were. Always keep your personal information/passwords safe. always use private on settings. watch who you follow. The website could of had  been better signal and more time to type.



Valedictorian speech

Welcome fellow classmates, teachers and parents, to tonight’s year 6 graduation. I am sure we are very nervous, parents and students. We are all so happy to be starting a new journey but sad to be ending one too.

We all have those memory’s some different some the same,some happy some sad. But by far my Favourite memory would had to be our first consent. The good ship lollipop, the most nerve wracking thing I’ve ever down and I’m sure its the same for most of you. But also really funny for the parents to watch, even though it was so much fun.

We all remember when we first entered kindergarten we were all so confident and loved it and then it came to our first day of prep most of us were so shy and scared that we would hide behind our parents legs or like me hold as tight as you can on there ankle.but look at us all now. somehow kids were the same as kindergarten and thought they were the most confided kids in the whole of prep.

I am really going to miss this school and I’m sure its the same for each and every one of you. I’m going to miss all the staff and teachers that work here that taught me throughout these years and my fellow classmates that guided me alone primary school.

I would just like to acknowledge a few students:

Felicity with her amassing art skills, Lara and her incredible voice, Liams dabs and finally Sashes positive attitude about every thing. I would go on but I would be here for weeks. Every one has an incredible talent you just have to search for it.

I would just like to thank all the teachers especially Leigh Richardson, Beth, Andrea, Ant, Lee Pregnell and Libby. you have helped me grow these 7 short years that I wish were long.

But Even though it will be really hard leaving this school, and were at end of the Finnish line there is always a starting line back a few steps. Just like what dr Seuss said don’t cry because its over smile because it happened. Thank you.

BTN space

there are so many planets to look at but thy are all too fare away to explore. In 1981, the launch of the space shuttle Columbia marked the beginning of reusable space craft. The costs for human spaceflight are enormous, spaceships can cost billions of dollars to develop and launch. I wonder how many planets are not explored yet? I wonder how many people have set foot on the moon?  I understand that the sun is so hot that no one can explore it or go near it. 

searching for sunshine

I was looking up at the sky, the dark, grey and misty sky. No movement. No sound. But suddenly, out of nowhere a ray of sunshine. It was the only light in the darkest of lands. It was the beauty in my soul.

My eyes are burning, my heart is racing. I started to run faster and faster, far, far away. Nothing like this has ever happened before. this world has always been dark, dark and grey, dark, grey and misty. “I am scared” I whispered to myself. I have no one to go to, and nowhere to go. I am alone.

I have never felt this. I have never seen this. In a way I feel cared for. In a way I feel loved. I am confused, I wonder if this is what my parents felt when I passed away.


                                                                                                       4 years earlier

I opened my eyes, all I could see was a dark hospital room, small, tight and uncomfortable. I miss my parents, I want to go home. A bright light is shining in my eye and powerful tools for operations around me. A fast pounding is going through my head, I feel sick in my stomach. I don’t like it here. I want to go live my life, I want to go out in to the sunshine.

I closed my eyes and opened them again just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I looked around “where am I”, I said to myself. My memory has faded. “How did I get here?” “Who are my parents?” This place is dark. “I don’t remember this place?” In a way I like it here but in a way I don’t.




space video

Food in space is dehydrated. there are lots of canned food. As long as all the food so stuck together you can eat it/ open it. I wonder how long food in space last for? I wonder how you eat your meals in space? I understand that you can only drink liquids with a straw because the liquid will spill and flout next to you. 


A meteor streaked through the atmosphere and exploded above the city of Chelyabinsk. The force was 20 times bigger than an atomic bomb but because it was so high in the air the effects on the ground weren’t as devastating.  The same day astronomers watched an asteroid half the size of a football field make its way safely but closely past the earth. The two events weren’t connected but they did get a lot of people thinking about what’s going on outside of our planet. I wonder how big a meteor can get. I wonder how many meteors are in  space. I understand that there are lots of plants in our solar system and many to be explored.